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The Modern Day Spotter's Guide
– A
collection of the everyday weird and wonderful

Tired of the dull daily commute to the office? Fed
up with the endless shades of grey of modern life? Keep your eyes peeled for cats with a moustaches,
a pigeon with one foot, an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction or the face of Jesus in your soup ...
See things a little differently. And, remember, life
is in the details - don't let them pass you by.

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Spot an amusing place name

The world is full of amusingly named places. You may be unfortunate enough to live in one, but if not, don’t laugh at those who do. One day you might find yourself lost in Wetwang, or searching for Anus ...
. .
. . Spot an Awkward date


. Good-time girl. Warm and firey. Hoping
to start something. Are you my perfect match?
GSOH essential.

Slim and single. Looking for long-term love after being burned by previous intense and brief relationship.
No time wasters.

Ill-chosen words, long silences, fumbled passes, insults, arguments, even a slap or a glass of water thrown in the face ... some dates are grim to be on and excruciating to witness ...

Spot an embarrassed parent

Children, and particularly young children who have yet to become fully socially aware, have enormous potential to embarrass their parents in public, be it with meltdowns on the scale of nuclear explosions, excruciatingly direct questions about bodily functions or people around them, or the public announcement of something said or done
in private ...

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