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by Joanna Millington


Graphic Design is my first love and Illustration has followed.

I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, author, screen printer
and gocco printer.

I wrote, designed and illustrated the books of the 101
Things To Do series, A is for Armageddon, an illustrated
catalogue of disasters and the Modern Day Spotter's Guide.

I also illustrated The best selling book, the Dangerous
Book for Boys, winner of the 2007 book of the year at the
British Book Awards.

Also, in 2007, two of my books, 101 Things To Do Before
You're Old and Boring and 101 Things You Need to Know
and Some You Don't were selected by the School Library
Association and the Department for Education and Skills
for their ‘Boys into Books Riveting Reads campaign', to
support the reading needs of boys in Key Stage 3.

East is the New East

Originally from the North East of England, I studied
Graphic Design in the East Riding of Yorkshire, lived
and worked in the East End of London for fourteen
years before moving to East Anglia in 2009.

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